2022 Annual Report
We’re Powerful

Grand St. Settlement builds power for families in New York City through high-quality programs, spirited advocacy, and vital services. Here’s an inside look at how we work with our community to create that power.
The Grand Street Team is made up of over 450 teachers, group leaders, social workers, custodians, executives, fundraisers, program directors, and more, who have come together to support our participants.
Grand Street is led by a remarkable Board of Directors and an experienced Executive Team.

Robert Cordero

Chief Executive Officer

Willing Chin-Ma

Chief Operating Officer

Thanh Bui

Managing Director of Youth and Community Development

Maria DeJesus

Managing Director of Human Resources

Elsa Pereira

Managing Director of Operations

Clovis Thorn

Managing Director of Development & Communications

Ralph W. Rose


Mario Tufano

Vice President

Sylvia M. Montero


Alberto Jimenez


David M. Lee


Adam Angelowicz
Alan J. Brazil
Diana R. Breen
Andrew G. Celli, Jr
Brett Dearing
Stephen Dedyo

Alexander Gardner
Scott Gewirtz
Tracie Golding-Gerson
Brian Gomez
Tameka Green
Jamal Halepota

Tamara Hubinsky
Bryan Koplin
Joyce Lee
Kenneth W. Liebman
Sumya Ojakli
Amy R. Pasquariello

Victor Rasuk
Tenille Pham Skelton
Jenna Shen
Nicholas Stein
Tint Tint Yap

Empowering Programs
Our team searches for the highest need throughout Brooklyn and Lower Manhattan
to serve our community with top notch programs and services, including:

Early Childhood

Grand St. Settlement opened three new Head Start sites in Brooklyn in FY22—at a time when many centers are struggling to keep their doors open.

  • Two of our newest sites, in Sunset Park, achieved full enrollment with a waitlist by October 2021, and maintained over 100% enrollment all year.
  • Overall, Grand Street early childhood programs are now serving over 800 children with high quality early education, and vital child care for working families.


Grand Street served over 6,300 young people in grades K through 12, in 29 community centers and schools across Brooklyn and Lower Manhattan

  • STEM education access continued to grow, reaching over 3,000 youth living in public housing.
  • 79% of STEM students showed increased problem solving skills.
  • 86% of STEM participants increased their interest in STEM subjects, and 81% gained an increased interest in a STEM career.

Benefits Assistance

Our team partners with colleagues at all of our neighborhood locations, bringing services and support everywhere we are.

  • 1,305 households were connected to benefits and services including SNAP, health insurance, emergency cash assistance, housing assistance, and more.

Food Security

The COVID-19 pandemic escalated the need for food in New York City. We've responded to this need.

  • 19,380 packages of fresh food and supplies distributed
  • Our food pantry at 72 Columbia served an average of 471 people each week.

Older Adults

Our older adults create a home away from home that reflects the culture and wisdom of their diverse experiences.

  • 32,057 congregate and grab-and-go meals distributed to older adults
  • Our Older Adults Center at Essex Crossing Community Center serves as a hub for our senior programs including Senior Housing and our NORC. These programs provide thousands of hours in case work supporting our elders.

Grand St. Settlement operates 37 sites and 13 partnership locations providing vital programs and services throughout the Lower East Side and Brooklyn

Building a Homebase for the Future

“With great power comes great responsibility.”

- Stan Lee, Writer of Marvel Comics

Power is building an inclusive community that is safe and equitable for everyone.Grand Street worked in coalition on:

The Just Pay Campaign

The Just Pay Campaign to put an end to government sanctioned poverty wages for human services workers

Get Out The Vote (GOTV) Campaign

Participating in Get Out the Vote (GOTV) Campaign efforts to get more New Yorkers to turn up to the polls and vote

Student Loan Debt Forgiveness

Spreading the word on Student Loan Debt Forgiveness and providing access to information and resources to banks and credit unions in local neighborhoods throughout NYC that can assist our staff and community with this process

Addressing Gun Violence

Addressing gun violence and promoting programs throughout our community centers to promote safer streets

LGBTQIA+ Inclusivity

LGBTQIA+ Inclusivity through partnerships that afford access to physical and mental health resources for our youth including specific programs for Transgender youth

COVID and vaccine advocacy

Assisting New Yorkers who continue to face the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic by encouraging staff and participants to get vaccinated to protect them from the most dangerous symptoms of the disease

Making child care affordable

Making child care affordable by participating in campaigns and encouraging our community to support those campaign efforts through attending rallies, dialing into representative offices and/or writing letters

FY22 Financials

Year by Year

We’re positioned for success.

Our revenue, and our impact,
have nearly doubled over 5 years.

Statement of Activities

2022 Supporting Services

2022 Program Services

2022 Supporting Services

Statement of Financial Position


2022 Assets

2022 Net Assets

Grand St. Settlement works in
coalition to further our mission.
Grand St. Settlement is highly rated for our financial stability and organizational transparency

Our Generous Donors

Through donations from supporters like you,
Grand Street is able to provide the support and programs that our community has come to rely on.


$10,000 or more

Diana Breen and Michael Ritter
Ellen and Andy Celli
E.H.A. Foundation
Robert J. Fraiman, Jr. and Melanie C. Harris
Scott and Laura Gewirtz
Lynne and Harold Handler
Irene Ritter Foundation
Joyce Lee and Brian Kim
Toni H. and Kenneth W. Liebman
Massey Knackal Charitable Foundation
Matthijssen Business Systems
Sylvia M. Montero
Paul Hastings LLP
Ralph W. Rose and Anna Holmgren, MD
Jenna and Jeffrey Shen
Katie and Nicholas Stein
Irene Ritter Foundation



Ahmed A. Bob
Alan and Jennifer Brazil
Broadway Builders
Bryan Cave Leighton Paisner
BTQ Financial
Contact Fund
Chris Dunn and Leyla Vural
Fairdinkum Consulting
Alex and Linda Gardner
Alicia Glen and Daniel Rayner
Goldfarb & Fleece, LLP
Goldman Sachs
Jeffrey and Susan Goldstein
Gotham Organization
Hirschen Singer & Epstein LLP
Tamara Hubinsky and Adam Bremner
Bryan and Amy Koplin
David Kramer
M&T Bank
BNY Mellon
MMS Group
Amy and Tony Pasquariello
Jodi Peikoff
Tracey and Robert Pruzan
Risa Heller Communications
Richard Schloss
Sive Paget & Riesel, P.C.
Charles Tolbert



Amalgamated Bank
Arthur J. Gallagher & Co.
BedRock, LLC
BTQ Financial
Ellen and Andy Celli
Robert and Glorisel Cordero
Cosmic Fischer Locks
Marrus Family Foundation
Tracie Golding-Gerson and Brian Gerson
Tameka Green
Investors Bank
Alberto and Maya Jiménez
Nancy Langsa
Joyce Lee and Brian Kim
Lisa Management
Paul and Alane McNulty
Morgan Stanley
Alice H. Naude and Stephen L. Saxl
NOLA Foundation
Royal Abstract
Schulte Roth & Zabel LLP
The SOL Foundation
WB Wood



Acacia Network
Adam Angelowicz
Doug and Pam Apple
Peter Arbeeny
Steven Goldberg, Baker Hostetler
Brian and Barbara Barrett
Eliza Sweren-Becker
Carsten Beith
The Boston Foundation
Bromberg Family Charitable Fund
Richard Bruno
James Capalino
Art Chang
Peter and Sally Chin
Stephanie A. Connor
Robert and Glorisel Cordero
Michael and Katie Crane
Elwood and Catherine Davis
Stephen and Gina Dedyo
Marvel Designs
Scott Eisen and Madonna Park
Richard D. Emery
Tenen Environmental
John Estevez
BTQ Financial
Mario and Hayley Tufano
Aaron Yowell
Tom and Deban Flexner
Forsyth Street
Alexander and Linda Gardner
Arlyn Gardner
Stephanie and Nick Gardner
Robert and Laura Glenn
Robert and Glorisel Cordero
Linda and Barrett Gross
Steven and Leslie Heineman
Jennifer Heller Wold
Peter and Roberta Hirsch
Tamara Hubinsky and Adam Bremner
Hudson Housing Capital
Sara and William Jackson
Richard, Ann, John & James Solomon
Families Foundation
Alberto and Maya Jiménez
Katten Muchin Rosenman
Sharon and Cary A. Koplin
Korngold Powers LLP
Daniel R. Kramer
Cindy Krupp
KSS Architects
David Kuntz
Mary and John LaMattina
Mario Tufano
Dr. Laura and David Ross
Cynthia and Peter Liebman
Gillian Lim
The Signature Group, LLC
MacIntosh-Verdi Fund
Jonathan and Juliana May
The Mraz Family
Leslie Myers
Giving Hope Network
Neuberger Berman
Liz Neumark
Vincent Noh
NOLA Foundation
Allison Novak
Sumya Ojakli
Kirtna Pai and Asheet Mehta
Dorie Lederfajn Paparo
Amy R. and Tony Pasquariello
Mark and Joan Peters
Promesa Foundation
Matthew and Nancy Rebold
Richmond County Savings Bank
Amy Rose and Allen Weinberg
South Shore Rotary
Andy and Samantha Saperstein
Emily Steinman
Dianne Stern
Kim Wagman



Angiuli & Gentile LLP,
Arthur J. Gallagher & Co.
Adam Bronfin
Jim and Pat Cary
Hassan Chaudry
Margaret Chin
Elizabeth Sarnoff Cohen
Dr. Jordan J. Cohen and Lee Wolf
Diana Dozier
Bruce Feiler
Robyn Furman
Rebecca Gamzon
Julie Koster
Kerry Golden
Anne and John Herrmann
Tamara Hubinsky and Adam Bremner
James Janover and Marcy Sandler
Alex Jensen
Andrew Knox
Kerri Kolen
Robert and Suzanne Koroshetz
Lisa Landau and Daniel Kummer
Julie Lerner
Lindsay Long
Michael Marino
Margery and Edgar Masinter
Olympia Mazarakis
MGE Unified Technologies Corporation
Timothy Nelson and Lisa Benavides-Nelson
Sumya Ojakli
Elizabeth Van Pelt
Margaret Rafferty
RJW Brokerage
George and Tanya Ruff
Sharon Kinsman Salmon
Tim Sargen
Richard Scharf
Shearman & Sterling LLP
Stuart Smith
Mark Stein
Jason Styka
Clovis Thorn
John Usdan
Vincent Gruppuso Foundation
Michael Zuppone



Roger Bernstein and Nicole Gordon
Jen Buice
Kristopher Carney
Carrie Cohen and Rick Lipsey
Chris Colavito
Perla Delson
Elisabeth Domansky
Jeffrey A. Fagan and Connie S. Fishman
Anne-Marie Flatley
Angela Folit
Brit Geiger and Mary Sue Lindley Geiger
Courtney Gessin
Derek Glaaser
Andy Goldman and Susan Heilbron
Jodi D.F. Kim
Victor Kovner
J. Lieber and Amy Glosser
Nikhil Mehotra
Jared Nutt
Optimist Consulting
Jean & Henry Pollack Fund
Santiago Rivera
Gayle F. Robinson
Douglas T. Schwarz and Beth Marcus
Wynn Senning and Alexander Ewing
Steven Shaffer
Larry E. Shambaugh
Darci Sheena
Doreen Small
Rich and Denise Smith
Arthur and Susan Sonnenblick
Emily Steinman
Norma Tan
John Urban
Ingrid Villatoro
Danielle Vitale
Ali Wagenheim
Cameron Wald
Timothy Wong



Patricia A. Austin
Laura and Sharyar Aziz
Michael and Liliana Berkowitz
Constance Berman
Bryan Braswell
Jennifer K. Brown
Mel Buice
Daniel Burseth
Gina Castiglione
Rebecca Chaplan and David Nathan
Howard and Susan Code
Rita and Harry Dedyo
David J. Farber
Michael Fenton
Jamie Freedman
James Guo
Brian Hurley
Matthew Isaacson
Reneida Juarbe
Ellie Krupp
Allison Lane
Stacey Lauren
Seth Lieberman
Brit Geiger and Mary Sue Lindley Geiger
Michael McGrath and Irene Baldwin
Robert A. Medvey
Melba Padilla
Froy Perez
David A. Rosentrauch and Margot Hodes
Stephanie Weiss
Jason Wu


Up to $149

Nelson Acevedo
Jennifer Adler
Cora Bailiff
Megan Baqui
Brian and Emily Blake
Barbara Brett
Wally G. Buchband
Nicole Carroll
Donna Castellano
Rome Celli
Yu Qi Chen
Carlos Collado
Kilian Condon
Emma Cunningham
Jack and Ruth Diamond
James Dubin
Harvey Epstein
Daniel Feldman, Esq. and Cecilia Gardner
Alan Feltman
Lawrence Forte
David and Jane Gerstein
Ann Marie Gilligan
David and Joan Golding
David Goldman
Jessica and Matthew Greenberger
Linda S. and Barrett Gross
Daniel Hanan
Lesley Harman
Robert Hellman
Eric Hewitt
Jason Holloway
Joan Kallman
Joanne Kelvin
Robert Kisch
Neal H. Klausner
Hilary Klein
Lawrence and Roberta Krakoff
Valyrie Laedlein
Alfred Landsberg
L. Law
Andrew S. Lese and Susan Waters
Julie Lim and Lloyd J. Herman
Robert MacLagger
Stephen Wolkwitz
Frances Mattera
John Muller
Hannah Mun
Harry Noble
Chymeka Olfonse
Philip Olick
Alanna Pawlowski
Carey Pitman
Joyce Ravitz and Ellen Garvey
Stacy Rosenthal
Cyrus Samii
James W. Schmitt and Betty Schmitt
Max R. Shulman
Bette Skandalis
Lewis E. Stein
Terry Steiner
Richard I. Stern
Jonathan Stern and Sydney Stern
George Suttles
Clovis Thorn
Ted Wachtel
Constance Walker

Institutional Grants

Altman Foundation
Barker Welfare Foundation
Best Buy
The Clark Foundation
The Clubhouse Network
Conscious Kids Foundation
Consolidated Edison Company of New York
Cummings Memorial Fund
Enterprise Community Partners
ExpandED Schools
Mary Alice Fortin Foundation
The Charles A. Frueauff Foundation
The Lily Palmer Fry Memorial Trust
The Charles Hayden Foundation
L&M Development Partners
Urban Upbound
The Martha Mertz Foundation
Metzger-Price Fund
NYU Community Fund
Pinkerton Foundation
The Robin Hood Foundation
The Fan Fox & Leslie R. Samuels Foundation
Sunshine Foundation
UJA Federation
United Neighborhood Houses
Venable LLP
The Verizon Foundation
The Wells Fargo Foundation

Government Funders

U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development
U.S. Department of Health and Human Services – Administration for Children & Families
NYS Department of Health
NYS Office of Children & Family Services
NYS Office of the Aging
NYC Department of Youth & Community Development
NYC Department of Education
NYC Department for the Aging
NYC Dept of Health and Mental Hygiene
NYC Council
NY State Assembly
NY State Senate

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